Should buy Parc Komo unit or Jovell unit

Looking at the unit design, it’s a pity that both Air Conditioner Ledges are found by the master-bedrooms– meaning that you obtain your basic half-sized home windows. Maybe the Jovell unit prices slightly better hereof as it’s situated far from the porch so you don’t obtain the warm vented air that appears from the compressors.

One other thing is the jack-and-jill layout of the master bath in the Parc Komo unit— instead of the single-entranced one in the Jovell unit. Considered that there’s just 1 commode in this unit, it absolutely makes points a lot much more accessible– and also is an attribute that can be found in helpful when you have visitors over (ie. they don’t see just how untidy your room in fact is).

Both unit dimensions are very comparable, as are their general unit formats– with Parc Komo winning it by a square meter approximately in dimension. I believe Parc Komo inches this one out in terms of affordability and value considered that the last is a freehold unit afterall.

Unlike the 1-bedders, both 3-bedroom formats differ by rather an extent. Both entryways open straight right into the unit without the inclusion of any touchdown pads (which is terrific), but that’s really where the similarities end.

While you obtain an immediate entry right into the cooking area for Parc Komo (with it’s cutaway look-out glass to the eating location), you obtain rather of a lengthy entranceway that truly isn’t that spatial-friendly for the Jovell.

You also get 2 different Air Conditioner Steps at the Jovell. One situated outside the typical bedroom (once again, halved windows) as well as the other sandwiched between the terrace as well as the master bedroom.

Although you would certainly still have your complete length glass windows for the master bedroom, I have actually never enjoyed having the compressor near my balcony as it includes unwanted warm to the location if the A/C is running within.

The AC ledges for Parc Komo on the other hand are well positioned behind the kitchen and also master bath. Carrying on, you also obtain a somewhat much more extended sidewalk when you enter into the master bedroom for the Parc Komo unit. The master bath is provide positioned a little away from the real room itself (could be a tiny boon/bane relying on how you consider it).

For me, I definitely fancy the paper design for the Parc Komo unit over the Jovell as it’s just all that much more efficient both in space as well as mini service offerings (ie exploded view glass, full-windows and so on).

That said, it’s practically $300,000 even more for the 3-bedroom unit at the former based on existing costs. To offer even more context, the 1-bedder unit at Parc Komo costs 16% greater than the Jovell 1-bedder– whilst the 3-bedder unit at Parc Komo costs 30% greater than its 3-bedroom equivalent.

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